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We, Solarh Activ, are manufacturers and distributors of cloths for industrial and household use. With an existence of over 15 years on the Romanian market, our goal has always been to ensure the optimal quality and quantity adapted to the needs of each customer and each industry.

We manufacture and distribute in the entire country - from 100% cotton cloths, microfiber cloths, universal cloths, special cloths - soft at touch, destined for delicate surfaces, wet cloths, sponges and kitchen towels made of 100% cotton to hand cleaning products, detergents, working equipment and household materials.

Whether you prefer 100% cotton cloths, viscose, polyester, polyamide or combination cloths, our products are ideal for using and reusing in a variety of delicate and critical cleaning tasks. They are reliable and of high quality, which makes the cleaning process more efficient.

We, Solarh Activ, are here to accompany you in every step you take, understanding your needs and suggesting quality solutions and products. No matter the industry you are in, with us you can make a difference in your home or business! 

With Solarh Activ products, we guarantee the productivity of the cleaning process will be taken to the next level. Our product portfolio is varied and specialized for all cleaning types.

Our products have a high absorption capacity, high strength, are washable and can be used either wet or dry to clean multiple surfaces.

We develop, produce and distribute our own products since 2015 in order to satisfy the needs of all working sectors. Each product is new and comes delivered in its original packaging made by the producer. At Solarh Activ, we always identify the client's needs and recommend the right product accordingly.

Solarh Activ products are renowned for providing the right protection, comfort and cleaning efficiency. Similarly, our products are so comfortable that they assist their user to complete their job much safer and more efficiently!

Solarh Activ is the ideal partner for cleaning efficiency! 

Explore our portfolio and find the ideal solution for you or your business!

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